According to Ryan Coll, owner of the Glenside Pub, “Shady Groove is our go-to band. Gillespie and Matt Kresge, 44, a New Jersey native, who met while they were students at West Chester University, make up the duo, Shady Groove. They also won 10 Grammy awards. Bernie and Matt are great singers and players who have a vast repertoire of songs in their catalogue. I highly recommend them for parties, bars, festivals or weddings. メキシコ mexico. How hard is it to make a decent living as a full-time musician? I remember my older brother putting on Zeppelin’s ‘Black Dog’ when the Sony Walkman first came out. オアハカ / oaxaca. It will be our 5th live virtual facebook live webcast as well. How on earth did they come up with the name Shady Groove? Hope you can join us either way! ヤマダ電機: ヤマダ電機 LABI 8/14 New: ヤマダ電機 テックランド 8/14 New: YAMAHA: 山崎製パン: 山善 9/12 New: YKK: YKK AP 8/14 New: ヨドバシカメラ: ヨコハマタイヤ: ヨークベニマル 8/14 New : 洋服の青山 9/12 New: ユザワヤ Hope some of you can join us! Kresge has been working full-time playing music, teaching lessons and writing music for TV programs with his own company, Sounds Abound Music. A la carte Brunch menu available. 国別カテゴリー. ユカタン半島, キンタナロー / yukatan, quintana roo. Make a Jazz Cafe Brunch reservation for 11:00am or 1:30pm to attend. They have played their repertoire of 400 songs, including original material, locally at Trocadero, the Fire, North Star Bar, Grape Street Pub, The Wissahickon Ski Hill, KC’s Alley, Campbell’s Place, The V in Glenside, the old General Lafayette Inn, Solaris Grill and countless others. Bernie Gillespie and Matt Kresge, otherwise known as Shady Groove, will perform the music of Simon & Garfunkel at Paris Bistro, 8235 Germantown Ave., on Sunday, Sept. 15, 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Simon & Garfunkel, one of the most successful duos in pop music history, sold over 100 million records, and their biggest single, “Bridge Over Troubled Waters,” reached number one in at least five countries. SG does S&G. Len Lear can be reached at, Join us at Paris Bistro & Jazz Cafe this Sunday Sept 15th in the downstairs Jazz Cafe as we will be playing two sets of Simon and Garfunkel and Paul Simon’s solo material. Since the duo broke up 49 years ago over those dreaded “artistic differences,” however, there is no chance that fans of their music will see them in performance again, although each one went on to a successful career as a solo artist. Gillespie has also worked as a graphic artist for an apparel company for 20 years and coached youth hockey. ¥æ¥­ï¼‰, パンテック スマートフォン「VEGA」, Panasonic 液晶/プラズマテレビ「VIERA」, 任天堂「バーチャルコンソール」, SONY ポータブルプレイヤー「ウォークマン」, 日立 液晶/プラズマテレビ「Wooo」, ソニーモバイル スマートフォン「XPERIA」. ヤマダ電機は新名称「ヤマダデンキ」へ!最新のチラシ情報やキャンペーン情報、店舗情報を配信中。テレビ・パソコン・タブレット・冷蔵庫・洗濯機・掃除機・ゲームソフトなど多彩な商品で楽しいお買い物をご提供いたします。 It blew my mind, and a few years later I took an interest in drums. The SG duo will be playing from 1pm to 3 on 63 Clinton Street in Lambertville this Saturday Oct 3rd. $10 entertainment charge. We will be going live via our Shady Groove Facebook page so be sure to ‘like’ our page to tune in. 5 Best Beers of 2015 Kennett Winterfest - Kennett Square Dish. Sunday May 24th 6pm to 7:30. 旅ブログ. ロゴヴィスタ LogoVista メディカル 2018 フルパック for Mac LVMEFX18MV0,ロゴヴィスタ LogoVista メディカル 2018 フルパック メディカル for Mac LVMEFX18MV0:ヤマダ電機 店 . 2020/10/13 【Y!mobile】 令和2年台風第14号への支援について 2020/08/31 【WiMAX】 台風9号通過に伴う「お客様サポートセンター」の一時閉鎖について “Needless to say, Simon & Garfunkel are a huge influence for not only our acoustic duo style, but also with the emphasis on singing all of those amazing harmonies.”. “My older brother and family were very into music,” said Gillespie, “so I grew up listening to tons of classic rock, country and ‘80s music.

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> ヤマダ電機のロゴマーク デザイナーさんの時間短縮のためのイラレweb素材 季節イベントのワンポイント素材やサービスロゴ、ウェブページのアクセントに使えそうなイラストレーターのepsパスデータ素材のダウンロードサイトです。 ヤマダ電機のロゴマーク 家電量販店チェーン、ヤマダ電機のイラレ用eps・aiロゴマークパスデータ素材です 記事を書いたユーザー: 修太郎 上野 We haven’t played music together in over 2 months so we’re pretty stoked. Shady Groove has also played numerous street festivals as well as wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours and full receptions. For events requiring more than acoustic music, the duo trades their acoustics for electrics and adds keyboardist Jim Gannon, drummer Mark Swartley and bassist David Palan to the mix, becoming the Shady Groove band. They really know how to work the audience and ensure a fun night!”. ‘Kresge-Gillespie’ just didn’t have a ring to it, so we thought it better to have another name.”. Erdenheim. Friday Jan 24th full band Beatle Tribute @KC’s in Ambler.

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